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Charessa Sawyer’s going on tour to celebrate cancer survivors

The Session Mag

The Beauty Has Beaten the Beast Charge Up Campaign Hosts 3rd Annual Pink Champagne Gala

Broadcasting Beauty

Toasting To Survivors With The Pink Champagne Gala & The Charge Up Campaign

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Business/Organization: Charge Up Campaign, Inc.

What sets us apart? The Charge Up Campaign focuses on the importance of reducing mental health challenges that arise due to social, economic and health concerns in families dealing with cancer.

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Celebrating African-American Business Owners Making a Difference

February’s celebration of Black history gives us a chance to celebrate the many contributions African-American business owners have made to their communities and society.


Meet Charessa Sawyer of Charge Up Campaign

In 2008, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was in my final year of graduate school and working a full-time job. I received the call from my mother a little after 7:00 pm and, because my sorority sisters were present, I was able to maintain my composure.


Stay Charged Up & Live

Great Day Purpose Pushers!
Episode 51 with Charessa Sawyer @iamcharessa is now LIVE! This was such a great episode where you can really gather some great gems from. So make sure you tune in and please share!


Meet Kathryn Rucker of Charge Up Campaign in South Atlanta

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being a wife, mom, and a working woman, my life was rocked by the diagnosis. After completing treatment and being declared “cancer free”, I was eager for my life to go back to normal.

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