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Health & Wellness Program

Our Health & Wellness program educates our community with strategies and activities to improve mental health, nutritional wellness, and physical health. We partner with various health facilities and organizations, such as Black Women’s Wellness and more, to bring additional health resources, professionals, and support services to caregivers, warriors, and cancer survivors.

Our goal is to provide:


  • Resources that reduce and manage stress and grief.

  • A network of licensed professionals, such as therapists, grief counselors, and support services.

  • Meditation strategies and relaxation techniques.

  • Educational resources, events, and programs geared toward healthy eating.

  • A network to nutritionists, wellness therapists, and professional chefs.

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  • Fun, engaging cooking classes and activities.

  • Fitness activities through certified personal trainers.

  • Walking clubs and other collaborative group activities to stay active.

  • Physical health education guides and support.


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