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Get Involved

The Charge Up campaign offers many ways to get involved and keep our mission charged up and ready to serve the community. Whether through your business, word of mouth, influence, or lending a hand, the Charge Up Campaign encourages you to become a part of our family as we continue spreading smiles throughout our local community and the United States.

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Become a Volunteer

Ignite the charge! Apply today to become a volunteer in your city for the Charge Up Campaign and our many special programming activities, workshops, and events. Your hand could make a world of difference in helping us to continue providing a seamless experience for the community we serve.

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Become a Volunteer

Become An Affiliate

Our affiliate program allows individuals or small businesses to promote the Charge Up Campaign to their audience with a unique code that allows each affiliate to earn 10-15% commission on each sale. Higher commission rates are earned through 12-months of consistent sales from an individual or business. To become an affiliate, register yourself or your business below.

Become an Affiliate
Become Ambassador

Become An Ambassador

Our Brand Ambassador program consists of Hope Fighters who are selected to help bring awareness and promote the organizations mission to serve and support caregivers, warriors, and survivors affected by cancer. Engage with the community by hosting and participating in our hosted events and programs by applying today.

Become a Partner
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Become A Partner

The Charge Up Campaign’s Retail-Retell Business Connect Program is a mutually beneficial partnership between a small business and our organization. Learn how you can become apart of our program by applying today!

Other Ways to Support

Host An Event

Want to host a Charge Up Day of Celebration or an event of your choice in your own city? Reach out to us today to see how we can get you charge up and ready to inspire warriors, empower survivors, and educate your community!

Sponsor An Event

Support the Charge Up Campaign and its endeavors through sponsoring one of our events! Your contribution will help us to continue to provide the ultimate celebration experience for our cancer warriors, survivors, caregivers, and their families.

Book Us For An Event

Invite the Charge Up Campaign to speak at your next function! Our goal is to bring awareness to our cause and how we can expand our impact within the community to support caregivers, warriors, survivors of cancer, and health care professionals.

Become a Sponsor
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