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Our Story

The Charge Up Campaign is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, that focuses on improving the quality of life of men, women, and youth affected by cancer, including caregivers who courageously take the stand to advocate, support, and care for their loved ones.

Inspired through her journey as a caregiver for her mother diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Charessa Sawyer founded the Charge Up Campaign in 2013 to provide a community resource that combats the economic, health, and social challenges of caregivers, warriors, and survivors of cancer.

Today, we continue to take the charge to celebrate the lives of those beyond the test and title of ‘patient’. Through our programming, initiatives, and events, we’re able to provide our community with the assistance they need to stay empowered and Charged Up!

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Who We Support & Serve

The Charge Up Campaign supports men, women, or youth impacted by cancer. Our mission is to serve our community of:



Family members, friends, or health care professionals taking the stand to care or become an advocate for a loved one battling cancer.


Health Care Professionals

The team of medical professionals who take on the life mission to provide state-of-the-art medical care, treatment plans, and emotional support to their patients.



Men, women, or children diagnosed and currently battling cancer.



Men, women, or children who have battled and victoriously beat cancer.


We also extend our love, support, and resources to those who have currently lost a loved one due to cancer.

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Who We Support & Serve

Meet Our Team

Charessa Sawyer.jpg

Charessa Sawyer

Founder & Executive Director

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April Kelly


Brandeis Thompson.jpeg

Brandeis Thompson

Vice President

Charlisa Herriot (1).jpg

Charlisa Herriott


Shakeema Bouyer.jpg

Shakeema Bouyer

Communications Director

LaVonne Conde.jpg

LaVonne Conde


Stephanie Jones.PNG

Stephanie Jones

Health & Wellness Coordinator

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Why Donate to The Charge Up Campaign?

The Charge Up Campaign provides supportive services, programs, and initiatives that assist men, women, and youth impacted by cancer with  mental health support services.  Cancer warriors and caregivers; and mental health and wellness workshops and resources. Help us continue expanding our impact by contributing to our cause with a one-time, monthly, or annual donation.

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