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Charge Up Cares Program

Our caregivers program offers a support network, events, and initiatives that aim to uplift, celebrate, and support our caregivers who courageously work around the clock to take care of their loved ones or patients affected by cancer. We offer the Caregiver For A Day initiative, Day of Celebration Event, and Caregiver Power Support Group.

Caregiver For A Day Initiative

Caregiver For a Day provides respite care for paid and unpaid primary caregivers who need short-term relief or a break from providing around the clock care for a loved one or patient affected by cancer. A community leader will provide on-site support at doctors visits or at home to relieve a caregiver and accompany a warrior.

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Day of Celebration Event

A day of service dedicated to celebrating caregivers and cancer warriors that includes complimentary makeovers, empowerment photo shoots, motivational speakers, and a table talk session that focuses on their needs.

Caregiver Power
Support Network

A support group for caregivers fighting alongside cancer warriors. This network is a community that provides emotional and mental support, along with resources that encourage and support caregivers through their journey. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on its launch! 

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